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Saudi Arabia supports terrorism in Iraq

Posted on 31 December 2010 by hashimilion

Several Iraqi authorities have accused Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorist attacks in the war-wrecked country, which run by the Shia-led government.

“We hope that our neighboring countries do their best to help the Iraqi government control the borders and improve the security,” Fawzi Tarzi of Sadr movement told a Press TV correspondent on Wednesday.

Members of Iraqi National Coalition said some circles in Saudi Arabia offer financial and moral support to terrorists, who have been behind numerous attacks in the war-torn country.

They added that some religious authorities in Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa that permits killing of Shia people, who make up the majority of Iraqi population, and that the Saudi government does everything possible to make the Baghdad government fail.

“The Saudi government has done whatever it can to prevent the formation of the Shia-led Iraqi government,” political analyst Khalid al-Sarral said.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki named security as one of his top priorities after the parliament approved his nomination for a second term as attacks still remain common in the Iraqi capital and the main northern city of Mosul.

Meanwhile, politicians from the Iraqi national coalition claim that there is enough evidence to implicate the Saudis in at least part of the violence and to prove that they still interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq, although Riyadh has denied involvement in the violence.

Iraqi officials also urged the government to strictly control the country’s border with Saudi Arabia to stop the flow of terrorists into the country.

“We should seal our borders with Saudi Arabia to hold the flow of terrorism,” said Mohammed Hussein of Iraqi National Alliance.

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